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2013 - 2014 Ford F-150 XLT 8 Cyl 6.2L Product Details Notes : 56 in. Rack Length; 3.28 in. Thread Length; 5.4 in. L x 0.87 in. Diameter Input Shaft; 3.75 Total Turns Lock to Lock Condition : Remanufactured Quantity Sold : Sold individually Warranty : 3-year or 36,000-mile A1 Cardone limited warranty
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I have a 2014 ST with just over 11k on it. In the past week, twice I've heard a strange clicking noise that appears to be coming from the center of the dash area (behind / below the touch screen) a few seconds after starting the engine. It sounds like 3-4 clicks, a pause and then another 3-4 clicks. This repeats for about 6 or 10 seconds.
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Aug 04, 2012 · I have had all three manufactured trucks cummins, duramax, and now ford 6.7, my duramaxes did this ( type writer) noise, especially after a oil change, I have notice it did this more often with conventional oil then synthetic , both trucks that did this lasted me a long time, this is cause by air bubbles in the filter housing as the pump pumps it thru, I was told its normal, I got used to ...
Issue Some 2011-2012 Mustang vehicles, equipped with a 3.7L engine and built on or before 5/1/2011 may exhibit a cold startup ticking noise coming from the engine. The noise is present under the left hand (LH) valve cover and may last up to ten minutes. Mar 03, 2016 · The Ford E Series Van reliability is the stuff of legend. This is why it is included in our best commercial vehicles based on Zubie driving data. Like any vehicle though, this cavernous workspace on wheels has occasional mechanical failures. Here are the most common Ford E Series Van repair problems. #1: Rough Running Engine
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Don't know the source of this graph, but it doesn't look correct----it looks like a graph from a 460, not the V10. I just went over the Smokey Mountains yesterday. I saw 4500 to 5000 rpm a number of times. And it pulls hard at those rpms. The noise isn't bad as I've added insulation to the dog house.
I have a 2014 st3 with 4000 mi. I only hear it when going very slow and turning the wheel, such as turning to get in or out of a parking space or driveway. I don't hear it any other time. It does not sound like it is in the column. It is not a pop sound, it is a clicking sound. Once the wheel gets to full lock, the noise stops.
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Apr 27, 2018 · 2013 Ford Explorer Limited/ Clunking Noise coming from front end!!!! I am posting this because there is really no posts about the clunking noise problem I had with my 2013 Explorer. it was very frustrating because I first starting hearing a slight noise when my truck warranty was just about to expire at 35,500 miles.
But this thumping noise over every bump on the right front suspension is totally unbearable, especially for a $35,000 vehicle. My dealer cannot do anything to alleviate the problem unless told so by Ford. Wake up Ford Motor Company and do something about this obviously plentiful problem. I. I have a Ford Super Duty F250 that has developed a ticking noise on passenger side of the motor,sometimes it ticks loudly sometimes it's quiet and sometimes it doesn't tick at all,Anyone have any ideas?
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2014 Ford F150 Pickup. EPA MPG Owner MPG Estimates 2014 Ford F150 Pickup 2WD 6 cyl, 3.5 L, Automatic 6-spd Regular Gasoline: Not Available. How can I share my MPG? ...
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Some Ford vehicles equipped with a 4.6L 3-valve or 5.4L 3-valve engine may exhibit a ticking and/or knocking noise after reaching normal operating temperature, or a rattle upon starting. The noise may be described as ticks, taps, knocks, or thumps. In some cases the noise may be a normal characteristic of these engines. Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2014 Escape, 2014-2015 Fiesta ST, 2013-2014 Fusion and 2013-2015 Transit Connect vehicles equipped with 1.6L GTDI engines.
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Oct 19, 2014 · I'm thinking about picking up a Ford Excursion as my next SUV. I sold my 94 Suburban back in June. I'm all set on the Excursion except it has the Triton v10. I heard these engines are nortious for blowing out spark plugs and spark plugs breaking inside the heads like the 5.4 triton. I would get a 7.3 PSD but its not in my budget.
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My 2014 Ford Edge is making a strange sound (high pitch metallic sound) 16 Answers. My 2014 Ford Edge is making a strange sound (high pitch metallic sound). I've taken it to the dealer and shown them video but they don't know what it is. They said they checked the brakes and belts.... Your car's clicking or ticking noise could be caused by many things. Why is My Car Making a Clicking or Ticking Noise? The first thing to realize if you have a tick in your engine is that it is likely due to one of the reciprocating components rather than a rotating component.
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