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Game Desctiption: อัพเดทใหม่สำหรับเวอร์ชั่นนี้. 1.ปรับสมดุลตำแหน่งเมจ และซัพพอร์ต ด้วยการเพิ่มไอเทมใหม่ และปรับเปลี่ยนเอฟเฟกต์ไอเทมเดิมของทั้ง 2 สาย
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// 60 FPS Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix patch=1,EE,002BBE0C,extended,00000000 // 60 FPS Kingdom Hearts 2 NTSC U/C patch=1,EE,00356F4C,extended,00000000 These do not speed up music or background animations. NOTE: These are FPS halving addresses. They are set to 1 by default which halves the FPS to 30. keep in mind graphics can be trash, it is VERY hard to develop for a Nintendo 3DS, due to low amounts of ram and v-ram! saving as much recourses as possible when making a 3DS game is needed, rather bad textures on a playable speed than 7 fps on good looking textures.
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New Cemu emulator hack enables 60 fps in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild By Wes Fenlon 18 August 2017 The hack proves 60 fps is possible, but most PCs won't be able to deliver the ...
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LoZ Fan rates this game: 5/5. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time was my first venture into The Legend of Zelda franchise and I have yet to step foot out of it. This truly is the best Legend of Zelda game ever, there are some that come close but this will always be the very best.
Oct 24, 2020 · PMT FREE MOD Arena of Valor (Korean) / 펜타스톰 Ver. MOD Menu APK | Map Hack | 60 FPS Mode | Drone View | EXCLUSIVE ANDROID MODS BY PMT: 58: Oct 24, 2020: PMT FREE MOD Arena of Valor 5v5 Arena-Game (Global) Ver. MOD Menu APK | Map Hack | 60 FPS Mode | Drone View | EXCLUSIVE ANDROID MODS BY PMT: 335: Oct 24, 2020
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Apr 28, 2020 · Bloodborne fans have been waiting for a long time to play the game at 60 FPS and while it might be possible now through a hack, it is not a good solution. Bloodborne is currently only available for the PS4 and the game doesn’t have an official PS4 Pro patch. As a result, it runs at 30 FPS on the PS4 with a resolution that renders at 1080p.
置顶帖子“3DS模拟器吧、citra吧导航”20楼,去弄好模拟器MHXX的v1.4升级补丁 模拟器上面没有安装过升级补丁的初版用v1.0金手指;安装过v1.4升级补丁就用v1.4金手指 [MHXX指定60帧游戏 v1.4] 1088E584 00001A49 1088E586 0000EEF0 [MHXX指定帧数 v1.0] 187BAF40 00000000 187BAF42 0000XXXX Citra es el único emulador funcional para pc y con un buen desarrollo durante los últimos años ejecutando cada vez mas juegos y aumentando así un mayor catalogo. Los juegos para ejecutarlos en estos emuladores deben de estar desencriptados, puedes descargarlos aquí. Emuladores. 1- Emulador Citra Night Build (13/06/2020)
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summary. Animal Crossing: New Horizons currently goes in-game with or without a game update. Known issues. Scenery in the distance is black.
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Jan 06, 2016 · Always is activated 30 FPS Mode Hold D-Pad Right to change to 20 FPS Mode Additional Information: D00F1C91 000A //If the Speed Time Day/Night Cycle is 000A, then 800F1C91 0007 //Change Speed Time Day/Night Cycle to 0007 (default 000A) 801C7861 0002 //Always 30 FPS Mode D01C8D74 0001 //If you Hold D-Pad Right pressed, then
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The Canary build of Citra is the same as our nightly builds, with additional features that are still waiting on review before making it into the official Citra builds. We will not provide support for issues found only in this version. If you believe you've found a bug, please retest on our nightly builds.JPN tested on game version 1.6 + English Patched by NanashiFinal13; [15 fps v1.6.0] 007F8954 00000004 [20 fps v1.6.0] 007F8954 00000003 [30 fps v1.6.0] 007F8954 00000002 [60 fps v1.6.0] 007F8954 00000001 [200 fps v1.6.0] 007F8954 00000000 [30 fps v2 for v1.6.0] 080662E8 00000001 {On battle: 30 fps , outside of battle (like on menu) : 60 fps ...
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