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Proprietary document. Copies are not controlled. Confirm revision status through the EASA-Internet/Intranet. An agency of the European Union Page 4 of 4 List of products None. Limitations TC STC major changes minor changes major repairs minor repairs flight conditions permit to fly Small rotorcraft Avionics All areas 1 1 1 1 1 Cabin All areas 1 ...
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European countries granting EASA STC approval include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech "This is a significant development for SkyIMD and our European customers," said Henri Wolf, director...
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The STC from SILVERHAWK CONVERSIONS approved by EASA for installation of PT6A-135A on Beech C90, C90A and E90 would result in the Beech C90/C90A/E90 (PWC PT6) rating, but this is not listed because it is already included in the original Beech 90 Series (PWC PT6) rating.
EASA STC NO: OLD STC REF MODELS DESCRIPTION 10014312 EASA.A.S.015 57 3. BEECH G58 Hawker Beechcraft Baron Steep Approach 2. BEECH 58/58A Landing Certification This Certification at 1. BEECH 58PA Revision 1 of the STC ref. EASA.A.S.01557 includes additional aero plane models compared to the initial issue of the STC 10014396 EASA.A.S.016 90
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STC Twenty One Limited EASA Approval EASA.21J.198 Form Number: S21.2.13.REP.006 The copyrights of this document are reserved by STC Twenty One Limited. It is issued on the condition that it is not Form Issue: 10
CIRRUS SR22/20 WHEEL AND BRAKE KIT, STC EASA/FAA - Adams Aviation has been supplying high quality items to the aviation industry since 1968. Order online for the chance of next day delivery.
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The TT31 STC includes 650 aircraft types. The current TT31 STC approval certificate can be found here – SA00744DE (H) The most recent AML expansion list can be found here – TT31 STC AML expansion GPS receiver included within the TT31 AML list are: GTN 600W or 700W series GPS navigators GNS 400W or 500W …
FAA Supplemental Type Certificate STC SR02249LA with Approved Model List Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate SH10-22 EASA Supplemental Type Certificate 10039278 Brazilian Supplemental Type Certificate 2012S09-07 Japanese STC No. STC-434-TYO India DGCA Type Acceptance Letter for 206L Installation Aerotec Concept, is a company competent to operate on all kinds of aircrafts (helicopters, business aviation, general aviation, commercial aviation, Flight Test Facility) for a wide range of designs, modifications, and STC certifications.
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Feb 12, 2016 · The EASA certification joins a list of certifications that includes Canada (TCCA), the United States (FAA), and Brazil (ANAC). The EC130T2 has also been added to the applicability of the STC with TCCA, FAA and ANAC and EASA expected to closely follow the initial STC.
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Apr 11, 2017 · Continental Motors announced that they’ve received both the FAA and EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for Cessna 172 retrofits with their jet-fueled CD-155 diesel engine (114 kW, 155 hp). In addition, the certification now includes the integration of the Garmin G1000 flight deck. The company also revealed that they’ve now delivered over 5,000 CD-100 series engines since they started production in 2002, with those engines racking up over 5.25 million flight hours. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is an agency of the European Union (EU) with responsibility for civil aviation safety.
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List attached to Letter of Validation of Foreign Type Certificate (Specific) No. TC (S) 018 Type of Aircraft A330-300 Series Foreign TC No./ STC No. Name of the Foreign Authority issuing TCISTC EASA EASA FAA TC No. : EASA.A.004 STC No. EASA.A.S.00235 Installation of Balise Emergency Locater Transmitter (EL T) on A30-301/-322. STC No. ST01835SE
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