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You must first cut out the stucco and wire lath if any to expose the structural sheathing and only then securely fasten the ledger board to the studs or rim joists. You must then install flashing up under the stucco and over the top of the ledger board and/or the roof finish material.
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If your deck has lost its former shine and luster completely, consider to remove the old stain and apply a new one. This post gives you a few tips on deck stain removal, as complete removal of the old stain is essential for the success of the new stain.
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1 nail every 16 in. to attach boards together + 1 nail every 16 in. each board 1 nail every 16 in. to attach boards together + 2 nails every 16 in. each board--*Follow all applicable codes when installing HardieTrim boards PNEUMATIC FASTENING James Hardie products can be hand nailed or fastened with a pneumatic tool.
2073: Fiber Cement Siding from Allura; 2072: Fiber Cement Siding from James Hardie; 2048: Joint Detailing; 2063: Low Slope Roofing Installation; 2066: Metal Roofing; 2079: Metal Roofing Attachment; 2010: OSB Orientation; 2078: R-Control SIP Attachment to Supports; 2046: Roof Ridge Detailing; 2080: Roof Uplift Load Design Chart 8a – High Wind ... There is no prescriptive way to allow or correct installation of a ledger over the top of siding. An engineer might be able to design a repair that would allow the siding to remain as long as the top of the ledger was flashed behind the siding properly.
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I've got a Hardiplank lap exterior. We're mounting lights on the exterior lap and of course, the lights won't fit flush across lap panels. What is the correct way to resolve? I've considered routing out the high part of the lap panel, but this probably isn't a good technique. My GC suggested using a "gasket" -- but we're talking 3/8"-1/4 ...
Whether you are looking to install a metal roof on a shed or a house, it's important to know the difference in the various types of metal roofs available. Let's take a look at the most common types of metal roofs for houses.
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water-resistive barrier joint flashing** install planks in moderate contact 3/8” from plank edge stud leave appropriate gap between planks, then caulk*** water-resistive barrier stud 1“ from plank top 3/8” from plank edge 1“ from plank top. Figure 2. JOINT TREATMENT - OPTION 1 JOINT TREATMENT - OPTION 2.
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If the fasteners won't come out, chop the board into pieces with a chisel or saw, pry up the slivers and replace the board. How to Stain a Deck: What You Should Know DIY Thoroughly rinse the surface with a garden hose and high-pressure nozzle attachment. Screened In Patio overview However much you love your patio, there may be just too many days when it’s not fit to live on. Our enclosure turns a patio—or a deck—into a space as comfortable as
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Step 1: Attach the Ledger Photo by David Carmack. Remove the building's trim and siding to 1 foot above the top of where the ledger will sit. Cover the exposed sheathing with self-adhering waterproof membrane. Mark the exact location of the top of the ledger. Removing and attaching a mower deck. Carlenemurdock. How to make Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Collar Necklace _ Bead Spider Live Jewellery Tutorial.
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These 179 barn designs and barn plans that you can download on pdf, are here to inspire you. No need to work around big load bearing walls as the loads are carried by the heavy timber framework. Drill pilot holes in the PT ledger board according to plans from the designer. Make sure pilot holes are slightly smaller than the lag (if bolts are not being used). Note: Ledger can be temporarily tacked in place to pre-drill through ledger and rim in one step. Ex. 3/8” pilot hole for a 1/2” screw.
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Use the brick for a ledger/nailer to attach adjustable rafter hangers. When you or whoever puts the rubber roof on use a side drip edge that has a standing seam. This will act as a parapet wall and control the water from running over the side edge dumping rain on the neighbors 7. MORTAR MIX: You can use either Pre-Mixed mortar or mix your own. If you mix your own, use regular Portland cement. If you use Pre-Mixed mortar, you may find that you need to add a little more cement for the mix to come out of the grout bag more easily.
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