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Feb 23, 2009 · Also u can shift into N for about 3 seconds and then shift into R and that helps sometimes. My old XJ had the same issue when I first got it. I greased the yoke and paused for a second in neutral before shifting to drive and never had the clunk again (or any other problems) for the couple years that I owned it.
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May 08, 2015 · I've had the car for about 6 months and have driven it at least a few times a week since, with no transmission or shifting issues at all. The other day, I was out in the car for a bit, everything was fine, but when I get home and pull into the garage, I can't move the shifter into Park, it just stops and won't go past reverse. I started getting the same problem 9 months into ownership,took it twice to the dealer and twice the mechanic looked at me in the face and told me it was normal even after I replicated the hard shifting in front of him. We even went to a 2013 model that had double the miles as mine and it would not do the hard shifting.
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If you hear a "click" type noise when shifting from "D" to "R" or vice versa while at a standstill, then its just your transmission settling into gear. Very common for Hondas. There is a similar "click" type noise while shifting back & forth but while moving for example, parallel parking. Aug 20, 2016 · Mine seems to pop when turning while reversing into a parking space or traveling down a rough dirt road. Mostly noticeable under 5 mph. Also clunks when shaking the bed laterally. Brought it to the dealership once and they claimed "normal operating noise."
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Jun 19, 2019 · The noise is from under the chassis behind the engine. It does the rapid clicking for a few seconds then stops. It does it in park at startup, in drive, neutral and reverse but only for maybe 5-10 seconds. norcaltc - I too have the exact issue you described. Just started this morning on my 2012 GC SRT8.
Hard shift or control lever will not move into gear Clutch not releasing Improper or low transmission lubricant Shifter rail binding Binding of sliding synchronizers or gears If reverse only, seized backup switch Worn or damaged flywheel pilot bushing Bell housing misaligned Skip shift solenoid activated (plunger extended) Adjust or replace clutch
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When your shift automatic transmission car into reverse using the shift lever, an electronic sensor tells the powertrain control module that the vehicle's transmission When your car won't go in reverse with a manual transmission and is hard to shift, a malfunction within the shifter is usually to blame.
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This TSB deals describes "A ringing, snapping or popping sound coming from the drive line when the transmission is shifted from forward to reverse or reverse to forward. The sound may also occur when the brakes are released after shifting into or out of Drive or Reverse." A rapid fire clicking sounds as the starter solenoid repeatedly engages and disengages due to low voltage. Remove the battery terminals, clean with a wire brush post cleaner and try again. One disturbing noise is a steady clicking from the transmission when the tractor is in a particular gear as it drives down the road.
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It's not a very loud klunk, but definitely a solid presence. If you shift from either Drive or Reverse into Neutral and then back to the same gear, meaning D->N->D or R->N->R, it doesn't seem to do it nearly as loud. Only if you reverse direction. When I put my Q5 into reverse, and back up (straight or turning, both do it) my I have a 2007 3.2, 115kmiles when in park it just start making a noise when Its the actuator for the (shifter) it locks it in park to avoid the trans taking a jolt as...
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Oct 22, 2018 · Unrelated to shifting into reverse while rpms are elevated but trans shifting related: There is a PCM update that has a very significant positive effect on the trans shift performance. I had a very abrupt 1-2 shift while in sport mode. So abrupt that I think it was only a matter of time before something broke.
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Hi Bob.I Had to lengthen the rod to get the shifter to shift right into park.Those bolts can work there way loose.Just like any other bolt can.So from now on I will add this to my check list befor/after every ride.Befor I adjusted the rod.When I would shift into park.The park would not engage.And I would hear a clicking sound.After I adjusted the rod it shifted into park without any problems ... Only one single pop. Does not occur while driving otherwise nor while shifting to Drive from say neutral. However, if I go from park, to reverse, to drive and then accelerate, i will occasionally hear it. Mainly though, after putting in reverse and accelerating. Not just the act of putting into reverse. This is with the steering wheel held ...
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