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• The PSS (Packless Sealing System) Shaft Seal ("PSS") you are preparing to install is a through-hull fitting that protects against water from entering the boat installation. Use soap and water to lubricate the o-rings of the rotor when sliding it down the shaft. • Clean the seal area of your boat so you do not...
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6. Your PSS Shaft Seal is beyond the "break-in" period, does not leak at rest, but continues to mist during operation. - 3:00. 7. You have a slow speed boat that will never exceed 12 knots under power, do you need a positive water feed to the PSS Shaft Seal?
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2006 Sea Ray 340 Incorrect Shaft Seal Installation from factory there should be a little bit of the daft visible between the engine and seal. If you're experiencing a PSS Shaft Seal that leaks at rest it's typically due to foreign debris or build up. In this video we'll show you how to properly fix the issue.
Sep 19, 2017 · The housing simply holds the rubber seal precisely against the shaft. When a lip seal begins to leak, replace it. Required tools are pretty basic, with one caveat: Large screws in the face cap require a #3 Phillips screwdriver—use a #2 Phillips and you’ll eventually strip the unit’s face-cap screws. Dec 17, 2009 · If the rear double oil seals fail, the oil will leak into the stern tube and this could lead to a fine. If the front oil seal leaks, you end up with an oily bilge, pump it overboard and you could end up with a fine. Also, if you need new oil seals, they're over $20 each and you need to disassemble the entire unit to replace all three of them.
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The PSS Shaft Seal is the highest selling of all shaft seals in the world. The market leading shaft seals have earned its place to be installed as standard equipment by many of the worlds’ most reputable boat builders/yards. Certified by Bureau Veritas, ABS & Rina; Boat builders / yards recognise the advantages and value of installing the PSS as it eliminates the maintenance, constant adjustment & cost associated with traditional packing type glands.
What Our Customers Are Saying “We installed a set of SPURS line cutters when we purchased our hunter 30-T in 1991. Apart from routine maintenance, the cutters have received little attention from us, except for profound sighs of relief when they set us free from eelgrass and lobster potlines from tumultuous weather and sea conditions.
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PSS Shaft Seal Installed Image 3 of 52 Comments 3. Views 5730. Media ID 20081116103511968 Sunday, November 16 2008 @ 01:35 PM EST. Uploaded By: Website Administrator ...
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The Packless Sealing System (PSS) Shaft Seal is a mechanical face seal that is created between a rotating stainless steel rotor and a stationary carbon stator. The carbon stator is attached to a convoluted rubber bellow and the back of the bellow is attached to the shaft log (stern-tube) of the boat with hose clamps.
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Shift Shaft Oil Seal Replacement. How To Compress A Pss Type B Shaft Seal. How To Clean A Pss Shaft Seal. Pyi Floor Anchor. R D Marine Products For Your Drivetrain.Dec 17, 2019 · My PSS shaft seal vent pipe used to gush water but only when the drive was in reverse (prop driving water up the stern tube). So, hearing that venting might not be necessary in an 8 knot max boat, I blocked off the tube.
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Jul 22, 2017 · Out of the box, the pro kit looks like this. It comes with the seal body, install tool pre installed, the spare seal, hose & fittings to supply water, and the strut bearings. The first thing I did was to remove the propeller. Then I needed to remove the shaft and PSS seal.
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Lasdrop is able to satisfy any shaft seal application with our four different drip-less seal models: DrySeal, Original Bellows, The Generation II, and Tri Seal. Each model is easy to install, requires little or no maintenance, and is sold as a complete kit – all backed by a three year warranty. Properly compressing your PSS Shaft Seal is critical, as not enough compression may cause the PSS Shaft Seal to leak. Follow the steps outlined in the...
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