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This screen is usually running an animation, bouncing the title around or something similar. This particular example of a start screen has one glaring error, but to understand it, we need to look closer at how a child interprets your screen.
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You define a series of SKAction constants, each of which will load and play a sound file. Because you define these actions before you need them, they are preloaded into memory, which prevents the game from stalling when you play the sounds for the first time.SKAction和node上的各种属性的的 作用范围是当前这个 ... //4 Move projectile to actual endpoint and play the throw sound effect SKAction *moveAction ...
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今天我们进入一个全新的系列,先熟悉SpriteKit,然后再看实战的游戏案例。 一、了解SpriteKit. 本期的内容就是使用SpriteKit实现一个简单的游戏, 通过一个游戏来进行SpriteKit的入门, 熟练2D游戏的API, 也可以更好的结合在iOS应用中, SpriteKit和Cocos2d 一样都是一个模式, 就是场景, 精灵之类的, 也都是操作Node ...
Q&A for computer enthusiasts and power users. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. I am trying to make it so that a SKShapeNode follows a UIBezierPath. Then when the screen is tapped it switches to another UIBezierPath to follow. I have this functionality working except that when...
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Q&A for vintage-computer hobbyists interested in restoring, preserving, and using the classic computer and gaming systems of yesteryear
A collaborative list of awesome Swift libraries and resources. Feel free to contribute!
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The first thing to do is set up the bird in the initWithSize method. We switch on the physics here and wrap the screen in bodyWithEdgeLoopFromRect so the bird cannot leave the screen. You should play around with the physicsBody parameters of the bird, it could do with a bit more tweaking to get the gravitational movement right.
Play your game and you should now have both the music and the Audio FX on hit! Simulating motion. Let’s first see about creating a new emitter. This can be used to simulate rain, snow or stars in order to simulate motion in space, just as before create a new emitter, but this time choose type: rain and name it ‘stars’ . We play a sound call explosion, just to make sure the player knows the plane has exploded. We call speed = 0. This is new as well! The speed parameter of a scene represents how fast time runs for each node attached to an object.
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If you´re using ReplayKit for example, playing a recorded gameplay movie in the RPPreviewController hi-jacks the audio and stops it, so when you dismiss it, the audioEngine is no longer running. I had this issue and solved it by doing a simple check and starting the audioEngine again. Playing a sound was as simple as sending the key to the component which looked up the corresponding AVAudioPlayer and called play on it. At least it should have been this simple. Something about playing the sound using these players was causing the frame rate to drop. SKAction
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Nur ein Problem, auf das ich gestoßen bin - ich habe eine SKScene, in der ich einen Sound-FX mit der SKAction-Klassenmethode spiele [SKAction playSoundFileNamed:@"sound.wav" waitForCompletion:NO]; Jetzt, wenn ich versuche, in den Hintergrund zu gehen, egal, dass der Sound vorbei war, beendet offenbar iOS meine App aufgrund von gpus ...
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let b = SKAction.moveByX(-100, y: 0.0, duration: NSTimeInterval(a)) (NSTimeIntervalはSwiftではDoubleのtypealiasですので、上記の型名の部分はDoubleでも構いません。 もしお聞きになりたい内容と違っていたら、コメントかご質問を修正するかたちでお知らせください。 Oct 06, 2019 · Since sound effects were triggered by interaction between nodes in our SKScene, these nodes run a SKAction to play a sound file. Here’s an example of how to play sounds this way in a playground:...
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Apr 15, 2012 · instance, code run sequence looks this:[self runaction:[skaction sequence:@[ [skaction fadeoutwithduration:1.0], [skaction fadeinwithduration:1.0], [skaction waitforduration:10.0], [skaction removefromparent] ]]]; if application state preserved during 10-second wait, , restored, skaction sequence start again beginning, second visible fade-out ... How to use SKAction.playSoundfileNamed to play sound? I have tried researching how I can use this method but It doesn't seem to work. In my function touchesBegan I want a sound to play every time the user taps the screen. Can anybody point me in the right direction. 1 comment. share.
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