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But if your front-load dryer is making an out-of-the-ordinary whining sound; the noise may suggest a problem. You won't know for sure whether the whining noise is fairly routine or problematic until you do a basic inspection of your dryer.
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Oct 18, 2005 · power supply fan makes loud humming/buzzing noises - posted in Hardware, Components and Peripherals: Ok, the problem started about a week ago. I was on my computer surfing the net as usual, when all of a sudden my computer started making a loud humming noise, it would start off as a low noise.. then progress into a louder and louder one, then it would go back down again.. and then get loud ... The whining noise could be coming from the alternator, working hard, to recharge the battery, or a belt noise? I like to use a LONG screwdriver, holding the handle to my ear to pinpoint where the ...
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2 days ago, loud humming/whirring sound started coming from the rear end of the car. The sound increased as I went above 55-60mph. It feels as if something is rotating fast, like a fan but super quiet fan. Below 30mph, its quiet as normal. I was planning to replace rear diff oil coming spring, so it has not been touched at all.
Well, since it's on startup (cold) that's when the secondary air injector kicks in to help warm up the engine. There's a possibility that that's what is causing the noise. I also know there is a software update for certain cars that fixed cold start/stalling issues, it may also pertain to this as well.
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Sep 19, 2013 · my 99 audi a4 s4 quattro 2.7 biturbo recently started making a weird squidgy whining noise on cold startups. The sound goes away after 5/10min start driving. the car drive normal with out any problems.
When an electric air compressor motor cannot start against a too-great load, the motor may make a humming sound. If you unloader valve does not work, then the added load of air trapped over the piston may be enough to prevent the motor from starting, the motor continues to struggle to start, and begins to hum.
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Jan 12, 2019 · Hello! I'd really apreciate some help with this issue, as it has become quite annoying to me. My speakers are constantly emitting a sound which can be best described as a buzzing noise. I am fairly confident that this is electrical interference. Because o
If you suspect that this is the problem with your washer, you can use the procedure shown below to access the motor coupler and check it. If it is broken, you can order a new motor coupler from the. Sears PartsDirect. website. The part number for the motor coupler is 285852A. The appliances and devices in your home are responsible for most of these noises. But, some electrical noises or humming can be very dangerous. Some common areas that can cause electric noise or humming include: Main Hums: The normal humming noises that are produced from appliances, electronics, or audio equipment are called main hums. This ...
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Hi I currently have the hub in my bedroom and it keeps making a humming sound which only recently became noticeable. When i got this hub, it definitely wasn't an issue, but it's quite annoying now. Tried the basic things like turning the hub on/off and changing electrical socket etc. But still gett...
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Mar 15, 2012 · He installed a new one and after driving 4-5 km the new one also began making that siren noise, this time not as loud as the first one. I can hear it while accelerating when in neutral and when driving up until the 3rd gear. After that the whining noise is covered by others. I'll go again to have the turbo off and see what has happened. Upgraded from Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD to Sound Blaster AE-9. Yesterday at 9:15 PM; GotNoRice; Mobile Computing. Threads 18.3K Messages 150.4K. Threads 18.3K ...
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If your Carrier heat pump unit is making a clacking noise outside and a whistle inside and it's also making a very slight whistling / whining noise at the inside unit that is continuous whenever the unit is on. The clacking noise is intermittent and appears to be the worst when the unit is shutting off or even after it is off it will clack for a minute or so.
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However, if I haven't started the car for a few hours it makes this humming/whining noise for about 30 seconds on start up and then it goes away. It doesn't happen if the car was started recently. It seems to be coming from the belt area near the front of the engine. The car is running fine as far as I can tell. No engine lights or anything ...
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