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7.What is the magnitude of the electric force between the two spheres? A) 6.4 x 10-25 B) 6.4 x 10-19 C)2.5 x 1013 D) 5.0 x 1013 8.The number of excess elementary charges on sphere A is A) attraction between the two charges decreases B) attraction between the two charges increases C) repulsion between the two charges decreases
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Two tiny spheres of mass 6.80 mg carry charges of equal magnitude, 72.0 nC, but opposite sign. They are tied to the same ceiling hook by light strings of length 0.530 m. When a horizontal uniform electric field E that is directed to the left is turned on, the spheres hang at rest with the angle θ between the strings equal to 58.0 ∘ ( Fig.P21.74 ).
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Sep 04, 2012 · Two tiny spheres have the same mass and carry charges of the same magnitude. The mass of each sphere is 2.13 × 10-6 kg. The gravitational force that each sphere exerts on the other is balanced by the electric force. Determine the charge magnitude.
Two charged metal spheres and an ebonite rod create an electric field at a spot between the two spheres. This field has a magnitude of 2.0 N/C and is directed in the eastward direction. Determine the magnitude of the force on a charge placed at that spot mentioned before and it direction if the charge has a value of q0= +18*10-8 C.
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2. In Frame 1, two identical conducting spheres, A and B, carry equal amounts of excess charge that have the same sign. The spheres are separated by a distance d; and sphere A exerts an electrostatic force on sphere B which has a magnitude F. A third sphere, C, which is handled only by an insulating rod, is introduced in Frame 2. Sphere C is
Dec 06, 2019 · Hence the net translating force on a dipole in a uniform electric field is zero. But the two equal and opposite forces act at different points of the dipole. They form a couple which exerts a torque. Torque = Either force × Perpendicular distance between the two forces x = qE × 2a sin θ X = pE sin θ [ ∵ p = q × 2a; p is dipole moment]
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2. Two identical small charged spheres are a certain distance apart, and each initially experiences an electrostatic force of magnitude F due to the other. With time, charge gradually diminishes on both spheres. When each of the spheres has lost half its initial charge, the magnitude of the electrostatic force will be A)1/8 F B)1/16 F C)1/4 F D)1/2 F 2.
Question 1013599: Two spheres have identical charges and are 0.75 m apart. The force between them is 0.30 N. What is the magnitude of the charge on each sphere? Answer by fractalier(6550) (Show Source):
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Dec 04, 2009 · Two small plastic spheres each have a mass of 2.0 {\rm g} and a charge of -50.0 nC. They are placed 2.0cm apart. b)By what factor is the electric force on a sphere larger than its weight? Two large, parallel, conducting plates are 17 cm apart and have charges of equal magnitude and opposite sign on their facing surfaces. An electrostatic force with a magnitude of 3.9 × 10-15 N acts on an electron placed anywhere between the two plates. (Neglect fringing.) (a) Find the electric field at the position of the electron. (b) What is
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A neutron consists of one \"up\" quark of charge +2e/3 and two \"down\" quarks each having charge –e/3.If we assume that the down quarks are 2.6 x 10-15 m apart inside the neutron, what is the magnitude of the electrostatic force between... Two identical conducting spheres are charged to +2Q and –Q. respectively, and are separated by a distance d (much greater than the radii of the spheres) as shown above. The magnitude of the force of attraction on the left sphere is F1. After the two spheres are made to touch and then are re-separated by distance d, the magnitude of
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Two point charges attract each other with an electric force of magnitude F. If the charge on one of the particles is reduced to one-third its original value and thedistance between the particles is doubled, what is the resulting magnitude of the electric force between them? ... Two small identical spheres each of mass 1 ...
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The net excess charge on two small spheres (small enough to be treated as point charges) is Q. Show that the force of repulsion between the spheres is greatest when each sphere has an excess charge Q/2. Assume that the distance between the spheres is so large compared with their radii that the spheres can be treated as point charges. 58.
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