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Sep 14, 2014 · It can be observed that the 13X zeolite has regular shape and smooth surface, while the surface of nano-ZnO-supported 13X zeolite is different from zeolite and has filamentous or granular shape, indicating the formation of ZnO supported on the surface of zeolite.
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Zeolite Molecular Sieve 3a 4a 5a 13x For Desiccant, Dryer And Removing CO2 In Chemical . Overview . Molecular Sieves which have divided into several types of 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X, Insulating Glass Molecular Sieve, CMS etc. Typical Application. 1) Drying of unsaturated hydrocarbons (e.g. ethylene, propylene, butadiene) 2) Cracked Gas Drying
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Zeolite 13X was successfully synthesized by hydrothermal treatment using natural clays extracted from Iranian resources. The preliminary natural materials and the final zeolite 13X samples were characterized by X-ray Diffraction (XRD), Fourier-Transfer Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and N<SUB>2</SUB> adsorption-desorption isotherm.
32 g kg−1 at 85 C. Chen et al [10] have synthesized Zeolite-13X from bentonite to investigate the capture capacity of CO 2. A BELSORP-mini-II instrument was used to perform the adsorption study, and the reported capacity was about 270 g kg−1 at 25 C. Dantas et al [11] have examined the adsorption of single gas CO 2 on zeolite-13X utilizing ... 13X Molecular Sieve 4x8, Standard Type 13X, 308 Pound Bulk Drum, Ecofriendly, Locally Packaged Zeolite for Industrial or Personal Use, Adsorbent, Great for Oxygen Generation (140kg) $1,449.99 FG Clean Wipes 4"x3" Lint Free Alcohol Wipes - 96% IPA Box of 60 Individually Wrapped Sachets (6-C43)
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Synthetic zeolite NaA-U , brand VST (water-resistant) Molecular Sieve 3A; Molecular Sieve 4A - 2KT; Molecular Sieve 5A; Molecular Sieve 13X; Molecular Sieve 13X-K; Molecular Sieve 13X - GDO; Adsorbent A-4M; Activated Alumina; Hydrogen chloride adsorbent KNT-HCA-02M; Adsorbent of sulphur compounds KNT-SR; Adsorbent KNT-COS; Catalysts ...
Jun 10, 2017 · zeolite. The simulation results showed that the high Roll-up Phenomena occurs for oxygen than nitrogen. There is a large mass transfer zone (MTZ) for zeolite 13X. Therefore, the adsorption rate of zeolite 13X is high. The main drop of nitrogen concentration in the outlet of zeolite 13X occurs at the time of about 125 seconds.
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Without zeolite, gas phase reaction among methane, air and ozone gave 1–11 % of methane conversion at 295–435 C. The presence of inlet ozone (1.1–4 vol%) to the zeolite 13X system enhanced methane removal efficiency by 24–56%, giving an overall performance of 93 % in this low temperature range.
Oct 10, 2015 - activated zeolite powder 13x molecular sieve powder containing high purity silicate, activated zeolite 13X molecular sieve powder of its components with the same structure of zeolite, with loose, porous, high whiteness. Abstract. This work was conducted to study the effect of selective adsorption on removal of sulfur compounds from Iraqi heavy naphtha from Al-Dura refinery by using molecular sieve (13X) in a fixed-bed column and it was be run out at 1.5–6.0h-1 LHSV, 15–30 gr weight of molecular sieve (13X), 600–1650ppm sulfur concentration in the feedstock , the adsorption temperature was 25 o C and 40 o C.
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13X Na zeolite X with a nominal pore opening of 10 Å (1.0 nm) Properties of BASF Molecular Sieve Adsorbents The adsorption surface area of a zeolite is around 800–900 m2/g. The specific (cavity) volume is approximately 0.3 cm3/g for zeolite A and 0.35 cm3/g for zeolite X. We have washed zeolite Linde 13 X by passing 2.5 L deionized (specific conductance 2 p.S/cm) water per g zeolite at 295 K in 3 days through a sample layer of 5 mm height. The derivative spectrum D shows a clearly increased central line, giving about 1.5 OH-groups created by washing.
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Jul 16, 2019 · It is mainly used for the drying and purification of gases, purification of raw gas in air separation units (simultaneous removal of H 2 O and CO 2), desulfurization of liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas etc. Compared to Type A Zeolites, a Type 13X crystal is more likely to be used to create high purity streams of oxygen. Type X crystals are shaped differently from Type A crystals and tend to offer much larger pore sizes, about 9 Angstroms in diameter. Zeolite 13X 63231-69-6 Suppliers,provide Zeolite 13X 63231-69-6 product and the products related with China (Mainland) Zeolite 13X 63231-69-6 Henan DaKen Chemical CO.,LTD.
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Zeolite is chemically explained as the crystalline aluminosilicate hydrate containing alkaline metal or alkaline earth metal. The general formula is shown as MeO.Al 2 O 3.mSiO 2.nH 2 O (Me: metal ion). Zeolite has some specific characteristics and can dry, separate and purify molecules. Examples of molecules adsorbed by Zeolite A-9 are shown as ... zeolite detergent grade, Aug 28, 2019 · Many disinfectant and mesh powders that do not contain phosphate contain zeolite detergent grade. Zeolites are ion exchange formers that replace water-hard ions (calcium and magnesium) with sodium ions.
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• Zeolites have a very strong affinity for water • Enables a nearly complete scrubbing of water vapor from air • Key factor for protecting downstream systems: • CO2 sorbent beds • CO2 reduction systems • Small amounts of water inhibit CO2 adsorption • In the CDRA and 4-Bed Desiccant Beds, the zeolite layer is dried each cycle
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